15 Things Not To Do On A Job Interview

“15 Things Not To Do On a Job Interview”

Final Project IMC 643

Teresa E. Fayak

West Virginia University

May 18, 2015

In my final project for IMC 643, I was to create a short marketing video about a brand or product. I chose helping out Millennials going out on job interviews and things that they should not do.

You can check out the project on YouTube at: https://plus.google.com/107059786127407608001/posts/CkCWDfq42Ye

This project was to demonstrate that I understand the basics of shooting, editing and production.

The video is 2 minutes and 43 seconds in length, including titles and end credits.

The video begins with an employer looking for an employee to hire. A number of his interviewees are improperly prepared, dressed inappropriately, and/or acted inappropriately.

In the beginning of the process, I had 10 things, and it ended up to be 15 things not to do on a job interview.

Hope you enjoy!



“Jaunty Gumption”, “Meatball Parade”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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