15 Things Not To Do On A Job Interview

“15 Things Not To Do On a Job Interview”

Final Project IMC 643

Teresa E. Fayak

West Virginia University

May 18, 2015

In my final project for IMC 643, I was to create a short marketing video about a brand or product. I chose helping out Millennials going out on job interviews and things that they should not do.

You can check out the project on YouTube at: https://plus.google.com/107059786127407608001/posts/CkCWDfq42Ye

This project was to demonstrate that I understand the basics of shooting, editing and production.

The video is 2 minutes and 43 seconds in length, including titles and end credits.

The video begins with an employer looking for an employee to hire. A number of his interviewees are improperly prepared, dressed inappropriately, and/or acted inappropriately.

In the beginning of the process, I had 10 things, and it ended up to be 15 things not to do on a job interview.

Hope you enjoy!



“Jaunty Gumption”, “Meatball Parade”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Let’s GoPro!

If you think consumers who use GoPro cameras are adrenaline junkies, you may be right. Skiers, swimmers, surf-boarders, airplane pilots, can all be seen showing off what they capture on GoPro Channel. But as the Founder and CEO of the company, Nicholas Woodman, states in a YouTube Video, which can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTf6ADRd6ls, GoPro is helping people communicate and share thier lives.

Here is a brief synopsis of the camera. A GoPro is extremley small and it can fit in the palm of your hand, it can also be placed almost anywhere at any angle. Those angles can be captured in different ways. Security straps, which are not provided, but can be purchased, can fit your head, wrist, chest or you can mount the cameras to different objects.

Now I’m not an adrenaline junkie, but I am a camera one, I received my first GoPro this Christmas. Now being a novice GoPro camera consumer, setting up the camera itself can be daunting.

My biggest issue was that you cannot see the images you are capturing. I’ve been spoiled with digital. Luckily, I found an app for that, and thus downloaded onto my smartphone. Here is how it works, the app wirelessly hooks up to your camera so you can see what your capturing. You also have two choices, you can upload the shots to your channel or keep it remotely on your phone.

Another issue with the camera is the question, “Is it on?” I’ve already checked and my first few shots are up my nose, wide-angled.

Growing up, I had a diary, and this is what a GoPro is but a digital one and the company has a great PR campaign, generated by users. According to the article, We Are All Filmmakers Now:10 Best User-Generated GoPro Videos, the editors of Say Daily report that,  “Every day (2014), more than 6,000 videos get uploaded to YouTube made with GoPro cameras, for what amounts to hours of free PR every week.” That is some of the best marketing, by the consumer itself.

Now in 2015, the company has the National Hockey League players giving consumers a different perspective on the game as they are wearing them during games.
Keep in mind I’m not an adrenaline junkie, but there are moments I want to capture. Of course I’m not well versed in flying a plane, nor jumping from one for that matter.

So though my adventures will be small, they will be mine and I hope to share at least one or two adventures… Let’s GoPro!


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Let’s Create a Facebook Page!

The following blog post is for my graduate course, it’s called IMC 619 Emerging Media. This course “examines how modern industry uses emerging media, such as blogs and virtual worlds, to enhance the IMC process.”(IMC 619 Course Pack)

This blog post will discuss how my news station interacted with emerging media called Facebook.

I work in the news industry which communicates with the public every day.  At my station, Eyewitness News, we try to engage our viewers. We utilize Facebook, twitter, text alerts and combine them with the stories we air during our newscast. But it wasn’t easy combining the emerging media.



The station did experience a bumpy ride when we created a Facebook Page.  This was a confusing time since we didn’t have enough information on the subject, so at the beginning was cumbersome at best.

facebook-inc-news-feedWhen we created our Facebook page, Facebook was growing exponentially. The following 2010 iconographic shows what our station was seeing in the new emerging media: 400 million active viewers, 35 million users update statuses every day and 3 billion photos uploaded. It was an emerging media that could no longer be ignored by our station.


The station saw the potential in Facebook as a way to engage our viewers in a different way, but how we started to do it has changed from how we do it today. In the beginning there were about a dozen administrators for our page. Each of those administrators had different agendas. We had sales, promotions, and news each adding content to our page. Needless to say it was a mish-mash of blubber in the end. Each department would ask the following questions.


  • Why are we putting promos of TV shows on our news feed?
  • Why are sales ads on the feed?
  • Where are the news stories?
  • Who is going to put content on the weekend?

We found out the hard way that we were not engaging our viewers properly.

Here is what we found out:

  • We didn’t have a plan.
  • Content should relate to news.
  • People have opinions and are willing to share them: naughty and nice.
  • Someone needed to be in control at all times.

no-plan extra-news 400_F_35784765_S9Ysk0qNeqNkfNJgdpCUdqWWLKASaQ3s control

According to the article, Facebook Business Tips: How to Engage Your Fans, there are ways to increase fan engagement that we just didn’t understand.

  1. Find and understand you fan base.
  2. Don’t just want your fans to engage with you, engage with your fans.
  3. Use photos, quotes, and videos!
  4. Schedule your status updates.
  5. Keep it short and sweet.

The station did not know our fan base. The news department saw our Facebook page as a shortened version of a news story. Promotions saw the page as a place to promotions for other shows, rather than news, which competed with our newscast. The sales department saw the Facebook page as an advertisement.

The administrators did not know how to engage with fans. The content was just placed on the page, like a shot in the dark. Trying to figure out what post received the most likes and trying to decipher what our fans wanted.

The administrators would use photos and videos, but the technology at the station was minimal, too many firewalls and a lot of them would be lost in the ether sphere.

There was no schedule. All posts either came at the same time from a dozen administrators or when they remembered to update the page.

Learning how to post short and sweet was also difficult. The posts either had too much or not enough information.

All of the above situations caused too much confusion for our fans which lead to frustration for the administrators.

We found that we were doing it all wrong, so we went back to the drawing board. We knew we had to pull up our bootstraps and understand that we were probably not the most equip people to run the social platforms. So we created a social media team. These individuals live and breathe social media. They understand timeliness, accuracy and engagement.

In regards to this post, I’d have to say the most important element for creating a Facebook page is to plan, plan, then rethink your actions and hire the right people!


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