Understanding Emerging Media

The following blog post is for my graduate course, IMC 619 Emerging Media. This course “examines how modern industry uses emerging media, such as blogs and virtual worlds, to enhance the IMC process.”(IMC 619 Course Pack)

What is emerging media? The question is daunting. Let’s discover what others say on the internet to understand the concept.

Here are some different definitions of emerging media.


  • Emerging mediais the evolving use of technology and digital content to enhance work, play, and learning, to broaden access to information, and to enrich personal connection by eliminating the constraints of time and location. (bsu.edu)


  • The current trend in media that has come as a result of user/customer becoming more involved in the products and services by having a platform to communicate with the world about it, sharing their experience with each other and discussing over issues of society, raising their voice against the wrong is known as emerging media. (Answers.com)


  • What is emerging media? My definition of emerging media is innovative and interactive technology utilized to share ideas and communicate with others. (wordpress.com)


After looking at the definitions, the concept though seemingly vast is simple. It is technology used in everyday life in order to communicate with others.


Understanding emerging media can be a complicated one, unless you think of it simply. Communication with the consumer and the ability to orchestrate your efforts in order to reach them.



Are you an emerging media novice?

What emerging media do you use every day?



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