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December 8, 2014

Teresa E. Fayak

West Virginia University




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Visual Suggestion                       Audio

1. WS Dawn over an army barracks SFX Birds Chirping.
2. CU P.A. system SFX Revelry sound.
3. WS Birds fly away. SFX Bird wings flapping.
4. WS push in to army soldiers getting out of bed. SFX Trash can lids being banged.


5. CU Soldier #1 getting a quick glance at an ultrasound, stuffing it under his bunk. CPT Y: Soldiers are the — are the heartbeat.

SFX Stuffing sound.

6. MS Different shots of soldiers getting dressed quickly. CPT Z: You’ve got to keep — keep them both mentally and physically healthy.
7. WS Soldiers running out of door fully packed up. CPT Y: Every soldier wants to be a part of the team.
8. CU Different shots of Soldiers lined up standing at attention. CPT Z: I think that’s part of the Army mentality…
9. WS of soldiers running towards a mud hole. CPT Y: every soldier wants to make his mark to either lead the team…


10. MS of soldiers entering in the mud hole SFX: Mud splashing.

CPT Y: be a part of the team.

SFX: Soldiers yelling.


11. CU of soldier #2 with a grimace on face. CPT Y: The competitive nature of just the Army in general…


12. MS (Slow Motion) soldier #2 slips into the muddy water. CPT Y: It’s also a domino effect.


13. MS (Slow Motion) soldier #3 slips into the muddy water. CPT Z: it is a domino effect.
14. CU Soldier #3 hand grabbing soldier #2. CPT Y: Once one soldier receives help, he’s willing to help another soldier.
15. MS Soldier #3 pulling soldier #2 pulling him up. CPT Y: they’re the pulse and they’re the tempo of that unit.
16. WS Soldiers #2 & #3 running together out of mud hole. CPT Y: Most cases, most soldiers like to keep their own problems personal.


17. WS of a field of soldiers running toward swing, stop and jump course. CPT Z: I think that’s part of the Army mentality; that you don’t want to ask for help.


18. MS of soldier #1 arriving to the Swing, stop and jump course. CPT Y: Well, at times. A lot of times it’s — the soldier had to step aside from himself and think of the family.

SFX: Soldier grunts as he crosses.


19. CU of soldier #1 hands slipping and he falls down. CPT Z: I think it’s important that we recognize those soldiers that need help.


20. MS of three commanding officers taking notes. CPT Y: — when they do need help…. you don’t treat them like cases; you treat them like people.


21. CU of soldier #1 hands bleeding.

(his left hand has a wedding ring)

CPT Y: If one soldier is hurting, his friends are going to know about it.


22. MS of soldier #2 and # 3 coming up behind soldier #1. CPT Z: …we have the support of our family at home…
23. CU of soldier #2 hitting soldier #1 on the back with encouragement. CPT Y: His friends are going to suffer from it. It’s going to bring down morale.

SFX: Sound of patting on back

24. MS of soldier #1, #2, #3 all running together. CPT Z: …but our unit is a family.

SFX: Soldier #1 & #3 in unison, “Come on.”

25. LS of soldier #1, #2, #3 all running together to Tarzan (Monkey bars) CPT Y: …you have to really have an honest ear


26. CU of soldier #1 jumping up to bar. SFX: Soldier #1 Grunts.
27. MS of soldier #2 jumping up to bar. SFX: Soldier #2 Grunts.

CPT Z: And when one of them is in trouble, we all come to their aid.

28. LS of soldier #3 jumping up to bar. SFX: Soldier #3 Grunts.
29. WS of all three soldiers in unison crossing the Tarzan. SFX: Commanding officers compelling them to get across.
30. LS of each soldier swinging off the Tarzan. CPT Y: and an open heart to accept whatever they come with…
31. LS of soldiers #1, #2, #3 breaking into a sprint. SFX: Boots scraping the dirt.

CPT Z: …and try to break that barrier and let them know it’s okay to come forward…

32. WS of half the platoon at the end. CPT Y: …You’ve got to be willing to know that you want to help the family.
33. MS of soldiers #1, #2, #3 crossing the finish line. SFX: Soldier clapping.
34. WS of inside barracks, all soldiers dressed in street clothes. SFX: Barracks sound: lockers closing, shoes skidding, people talking.
35. MS of soldier #1 walking off base with pregnant wife. SFX: Birds chirping, cars and army vehicles passing by.
36. WS of soldier #1 and wife approach soldier #2 and #3. Soldier #1: “Honey I’d like you to meet my commanding officer. Lt. Daniels, and Private Gable.”
37. MS of soldier #3 extending his hand. Soldier #3: “Nice to meet you Mrs. Powell.
38. CU of soldier #3 and wife’s handshake. Wife: “Nice to meet you Lt. Daniels, Jack had told me so much about you.”
39. WS of soldiers #1, #2, #3, and wife. CPT Z: …and ask for the help that the Army can provide them.
40. CU of soldier #1 looking pensive. Soldier #1: “Lt. Daniels, I have a problem, can you help out a fellow soldier?”
41. MS of soldier #3. Soldier #3: “Jack, whatever you need.”


42. WS of soldiers #1, #2, #3, and wife. Pan up to the flag pole with the United States flag and Army flag. CPT Y: you exhaust all possibilities to get him all the help that’s possible. That’s our approach.




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