Shooting Scripts/Digital Storytelling

Teresa E. Fayak


West Virginia University

November 30, 2014


Digital Storytelling


“You’re Doing Ok Mom.”

Johnson and Johnson


                           Video                        Audio
1. CU-Female hand turning faucet Music-Slow piano-continues through 33. SFX-Water-continues through 3. SFX-Squeaking faucet continues through 2.
2. CU-Different angle female hand turning faucet
3. CU-Bathwater, out of focus rubber ducky and toys
4. WS pan left to right with baby in tub and a female obscured sitting on tub. Water stops.


5. MS Mother (face obscured) baby in tub covered in bubbles. Announcer: “I think this…”
6. CU baby smiling with mothers hand cupped around head. Announcer: “is a good time to tell you…
6. XCU-baby smiling You’re doing okay Mom.”
8 WS- Mother with baby in floor.
9. CU-Same mother smiling picking up baby.
10. CU-Different Mother playing peek-a-boo with baby. Announcer: “I can call you Mom…”

SFX-Baby laughing

11. MS-Different baby sitting upright in tub, smiling. Announcer: …Right?”
12. CU-Different baby laying down on changing table smiling. Announcer: “I know…
13. CU-Different baby with pacifier laying in plastic tub with mothers hands gently touching Announcer: …we haven’t known each other very long.”
14. MS-Different mother and baby, both smiling, sitting on couch with baby in the air playing airplane. Announcer: “But you seem like a real keeper.”
15. CU-Different baby on changing table making a face while different mother tries to put on its clothes. Announcer: “You’re not perfect. There was ”
16. MS-Different baby sitting in tub, mother touches baby’s nose. Announcer: …that strained carrots incident.
17. MS-Over the head angle with mother breast feeding baby. Announcer: “But you’re trying.”
18. CU-Different mother smiling in bathroom Announcer: “You pick up my bottle…”
19. Cut to CU of baby smiling back at her. Announcer: “…every time I toss it out of my stroller.”
20. WS-of mother in hallway lifting baby to ceiling.
21. CU-of baby sucking on its hand Announcer: “It’s high comedy…:
22. MS-of different mother sitting on couch, placing hair across face to make a moustache with baby on its knees. Announcer: “…to an eight month old.” You…
23. CU-of different baby suds on head while mother gently wipes it away. Announcer: “…you hum the Barber of Saville when you wash my hair.”
24. MS-of different baby walking toward camera as mother and baby giggle. Announcer: “So cool.”

SFX-Baby and mother giggling.

25. MS-of baby laying on bed smiling as obscured mother wipes Johnson and Johnson baby lotion on baby’s feet. Announcer: “And your rub downs are out of this world.”
26. WS-of baby and mother looking in mirror. Announcer: “Anyway.”
27. MS-of mother sitting by bed with baby on tummy looking at her. Announcer: “I want you to know…”
28. WS-of mother with baby on shoulder slowly swaying in living room slowly. Announcer: “…how much I appreciate you.”


29. CU-same mother with baby on shoulder slowly swaying Announcer: “You know right?”
30. CU-of mother looking down next to tub.
31. MS-of baby in bed covered with blankets looking content. Announcer: “How much I love you.”
32. XCU-of mother kissing a baby’s head
33. CU-of same mother looking down at the same baby who is sleeping. Both looking content. Announcer: “You’re doing okay Mom.”
34. Slate comes up saying “Johnson’s Baby”



Kmart Yo’ Mama



                       Video                  Audio
1. WS-Kids on a playground. Kid #1: “Hey…”
2. MS-Kid #1(boy) speaking to Kid #2 on playground. Kid #1: “…did you mama get that hoodie at Kmart?”
3. MS-of Kid #2(boy) and a girl. Kid #2: “Yeah, dog.”
4. MS-of Kid #1(boy). Kid #1: “Well your mama must have a mouth full of cavities.”
5. LS-of Kid #1 (boy) and others on playground. Kid #1: “Cause that hoodie is…SWEET!”

SFX- Kids saying “Oooo.”

6. LS-of Kid # 2 (boy) and others on playground. Kid #2: “You’re mama is so fashion forward. The future called…”
7. WS-Of Kid # 2 (boy) and others on playground. “…they want those high tops BACK!”


8. WS-all kids on playground. All kids say “Ohhhh!”
9. MS-of Kid #3 (boy) talking to a girl. Kid #3: “Well your mama…”
10. Fast Cut MS-of Kid #3 (boy) talking to a girl. Kid #3: “…got so much game that she couldn’t even…
11. Fast Cut MS-of Kid #3 (boy) talking to a girl. Kid #3: “…store it on that tablet.”

All kids say “Ohhhh!”

12. Cut MS-Kid #4 (girl) Kid #4: “Well your mama is so fiscally responsible
13. LS-Kid #4 (girl) Kid #4: “…she got all that on free layaway.”
14. WS-all kids on the playground. All kids say “Ohhhh!”
15. Cut XWS-all kids on playground. Congratulating each other. Still saying “Ohhhh!”
16. Cut MS-of a coach with a whistle neck dressed in gym clothes.

Slate comes up that says: “Shop your way” “Free Layaway for members.”


Coach says, “Shop your way members get free layaway at Kmart. A New school year starts here.”




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