Non Literal Commercials


Teresa E. Fayak

West Virginia University

November 3, 2014






The following paper will discuss three non-literal commercials. The commercials chose are; Budweiser’s  “Friends are Waiting,” Beyond Blue’s The “Invisible Discriminators,” and Evolve’s “The Playthings.” Each commercial will be broken up in sections. The sections will be separated to discuss the plot of each commercial, the brand’s strategy and will make a brand positioning statement.


Commercial #1

Friends Are Waiting


Created in consultation-Momentum Worldwide, Richmond Heights.

Produced at- The Big Tree

Executive Producer-Larry Israel



The plot of “Friends are Waiting,” tells a story of a young man and his dog and how they need each other.

In the beginning, a young man in his 20’s brings home a puppy. During the puppy’s formative years, the young man bonds with the puppy; they play ball, go for walks, take naps, go on car rides, and go to the lake. They become best friends.

In the middle of the story, the young man goes out with a bunch of his guy friends with a six pack of beer and he tells the dog that he will see him later. The now older dog sits and waits for his “human” to come home. Time passes and dog become more worried since his “human” doesn’t come home. Then a slate comes up and says “For some, the waiting never ended.” Then another slate comes up and says, “But we can change that.”

In the end, the dog, which has been waiting all night laying in front of the door, hears the keys unlocking the lock and he perks up. His human says he’s sorry, but he drank too much and stayed all night with a friend. Another slate comes up and says, “Make a plan to make it home. Your friends are counting on you.” Then the young man tells his dog he’s back and pets him. Then Budweiser emblem comes up with a #friendsarewaiting.


The strategy the company Budweiser uses in this commercial is ingenious. The company knows that drinking beer can impair the consumer’s ability to drive. Budweiser want you to drink responsibly and if you drink always have a designated driver, the consumer will come home to their friends.

Brand Positioning

Budweiser cares about its customers and wants them to drink responsibly, if not have a designated driver, because someone is home waiting for them.

Commercial #2

The Invisible Discriminator


Developed by-Marmalde

Executive Creative Director-Neil Mallet



The plot of “The Invisible Discriminator,” is how people can innocently or not so innocently discriminated against each other.

In the beginning, the commercial displays people in everyday situations; sitting on a bench, going to a store, and riding a bus. But in each situation a man dressed in black appears and places doubt in the persons mind, then that person becomes uncomfortable.

In the middle, an announcer says, “Discrimination leads to depression and anxiety in indigenous Australians. No one should be made to feel like crap, just for being who they are…”

In the end, a slate comes up and says, “Stop, Think, Respect,” then the brand Beyond Blue, Depression, Anxiety logo appears.


The strategy of the brand is to demonstrate how people discriminate against others on small levels without even knowing it and showing how that discrimination affect those they discriminate against.

Brand Positioning Statement

People who are discriminated against can become depressed from constantly being victimized and those who discriminate should realize it.

Commercial #3

The Playthings


Developed by-McCann New York

Director- David Kerr



The plot of “The Playthings,” is a mother comes to pick up her child from his friend’s house and find the boys playing with sexual toys.

In the beginning, Mother #1 asks Mother #2 if her son, Kyle, behaved himself, she says yes. In the background, you can see the kids playing in the house, they then run out of the house dressed up using sexual toys as swords.

In the middle, Mother #1 notices that the boys are playing with inappropriate toys and she is embarrassed. Then Mother #2 looks at Mother # 1 in disbelief.

In the end, the announcer speaks and says, “If they find it, they will play with it. So always lock up your guns.”


The brand, Evolve, is a gun safety organization. The strategy is to show parents, even if you hide a gun, if found, it will be played with by the children.

Brand Positioning Statement

An innocent game could have deadly consequences.



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